02 June 2018

GOLDEN LAKE DINER Letters Home 1997


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Letters Home
The Hamilton, Ontario-based improvisational duo Golden Lake Diner comprised onetime child prodigies Alex Gumbert and Greyham Peaceful, who previously teamed in the band Gorp. Their debut LP, Letters Home, appeared on the Sonic Unyon label in late 1997.


Verse 1
1 Salvage All The Window Hair
2 Big Chords Three
3 She Must Be Very Tired
4 Skool, The Funniest Old Man I Ever Met, A Voice For Margaret
5 Alex Tried To Make A Wig, But It Wouldn't Fit
6 Dr. Pete
7 Window Man

Verse 2
8 The Flies
9 Camera Pen Thought Exposure
10 Fish Point Lulled Eyes
11 Her Crackers Are Skin
12 Making Dream Sculptures
13 Out Of Three Points
14 The Interlude
15 Aliens

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