08 June 2018

PEE SHY Don't Get Too Comfortable 1998



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Although Pee Shy still fall prey to in-jokes and juvenile humor, they sound considerably stronger on Don't Get Too Comfortable, their second major-label album. With the assistance of producer Brad Jones, the group has toughened up their sound, creating an infectious, humorous, speedy pop-punk record. Several songs and jokes fall flat, but the best moments on Don't Get Too Comfortable reveal that the band has a way with a hook and an appealingly snotty attitude.


1 Mr. Whisper 3:43
2 Bathroom Floor 2:56
3 Big Blue Sky 3:31
4 Rope Waltz 2:46
5 The Greatest Show On Earth 3:48
6 Jad Fair 5:11
7 Much Obliged 4:15
8 Fear 3:54
9 Tree Craps 2:59
10 Some Day Soon 5:06
11 Too Punk 4:03

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