25 July 2016

BIG'N Cutthroat 1994

Noise rock
If you like Shellac or The Jesus Lizard or anything produced by Steve Albini (although this release wasn't produced by him but it sure sounds like it), check this out.

Artist Biography by

Big'n was a group that idolized classic rock artists but also embraced the up-and-coming Chicago music scene they were part of during the early '90s. During their seven-year career, the band released two full-length records as they toured big cities and small towns across the United States. The group's agent even tried booking a slot for them at Afghan Whig guitarist/vocalist Greg Dulli's wedding with indie rock band Scrawl only to get the thumbs down from Dulli. The members of Big'n met through mutual friends and formed in 1990 in Joliet, IL. Wnukowski, guitarist Todd Johnson, bassist Chris Johnson, and vocalist William Akins began rehearsing in Wnukowski's parents' basement. The intention of the band was to be "loud and tight like a semi-well-oiled machine," according to Wnukowski. He said, "well-oiled machines are too quiet."
After they had mapped out their sound, the band began playing shows and decided that it would let any interested label release a record. Big'n took the position that if someone was willing to invest the money to create and distribute its album, then no questions should be asked on the band's behalf. The first of the labels which took interest was Headstagger in late 1990. The group's debut self-titled single was released by the imprint. Following the single, the group released their second, "Hoss," on Ratfish and their third single, "Tight One," on Spontaneous Combustion in 1991. By that time, things weren't working out with Chris and he and the band amicably parted ways.
Mike Chartrand stepped in to fill the bass slot that same year. Big'n was playing a show at Chicago's Czar Bar in 1992 when they were approached by a German man by the name of Rene Herbst. He offered Big'n the opportunity to release their first full-length record on his German imprint, Gasoline Boost. This marked the first time Big'n had signed an actual record contract. The band immediately recorded the single "Razorback," followed by their 1993 full-length debut, Cutthroat. By 1995, as the band's second full-length album, Discipline Through Sound, was preparing to be released, Gasoline Boost worked out an arrangement with Chicago label Skin Graft to distribute the record. The pairing also resulted in the group's inclusion on the first installment of Skin Graft's AC/DC tribute compilation.
Hatred towards one another was reaching a peak within the group by 1997. Just as Big'n were preparing to set out on a tour of Europe, they called it quits. Prior to their demise, Big'n recorded a split EP with the Oxes; however, the CD didn't see the light of day until the Box Factory label released it in 1998. Most of the band's members settled into various occupations apart from music, as Wnukowski played in groups such as Neutrino, Emperor Penguin, Runner, and Check Engine. In September of 2001, the former members of Big'n gathered at Todd's wedding. It was there that they decided that they would revive Big'n to record one more album. 


1 Chinese Jet Pilot
2 Dirtfarmer
3 Loco
4 Razorback
5 Musket
6 Age Old Trick
7 Jackalope
8 King Hot Pants
9 Mite
10 Bait

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