24 July 2016

DOG'S EYE VIEW Happy Nowhere 1995


Artist Biography by

Guitarist/vocalist Peter Stuart started out playing the acoustic club circuit, but jumped aboard a Counting Crows tour in 1994 as a backup vocalist. He also traveled with Tori Amos and Cracker as a solo support act, and his self-made demo tape (available at shows) sold more than 6000 copies. Stuart recorded an album with producer Jimbo Barton and a band including drummer Neil Nunziato, bassist Mike Visceglia, cellist Dawn Buckhola and violin player Regina Ballantese. Collectively known as dog's eye view, the band signed to Sony and released Happy Nowhere in 1995. The band has also recorded a track for the Vic Chesnutt benefit album Sweet Relief Two and issued Small Wonders in 1996. 


1 I Wish I Was Here 5:48
2 Everything Falls Apart 3:54
3 Small Wonders 4:02
4 The Prince's Favorite Son 4:06
5 Cottonmouth 4:24
6 Haywire 5:59
7 Would You Be Willing 3:02
8 Speed Of Silence 4:17
9 Waterline 3:56
10 What I Know Now 3:23
11 Subject To Change 4:35
12 Bulletproof And Bleeding 4:25
13 Shine 6:40

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