04 July 2016

MACHA self titled 1998

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Artist Biography by

See It Another Way
In 1996, multi-instrumentalist Joshua McKay and his drum-playing brother Mischo McKay found themselves both living in Athens, GA, after a three-year separation (they had last lived together in Gainesville, FL, where they were both in a band called Emperor Moth). Back together in an offbeat college town, the musical twosome quickly formed Macha along with another multi-instrumentalist friend, Kai Reidl. Not easily pigeonholed, Macha employs voice, guitar, and drums along with many non-traditional instruments -- hammered dulcimer, vibraphone, gongs, and a synthesizer called "the fun machine," amongst others -- to create music that is a combination of drone rock and Indonesian folk music. The band released their self-titled debut album in 1998 for Jetset Records. It was followed a year later by See It Another Way, an album that was marked by the inclusion of Wes Martin (yet another multi-instrumentalist) as a permanent member of the band. In 2000, Macha teamed up with Bedhead, another brother-powered (Bubba and Matt Kadane) drone outfit, for the mini-album Macha Loved Bedhead. The group returned in 2004 with Forget Tomorrow.   


1 When They First Saw The Floating World 6:27
2 Cat Wants To Be A Dog 5:21
3 The Buddha Nature 4:17
4 Untitled 0:32
5 Double Life 4:02
6 Hairy, Parched (Invisible) 0:57
7 Alternative & Punk 5:55
8 Visiting The Ruins 7:58
9 Capital City 6:09
10 Light The Chinese Flower 5:55
11 Sama Sama 7:04

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