26 July 2016

THE HAGGARD A Bike City Called Greasy 1999


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The Haggard spit out old-school hardcore punk with monster-movie vocals. Sound uninventive? Maybe, until you realize that all of their songs come from an unabashedly dyke perspective. Singer/guitarist Emily Kingan and drummer STS (who's also played with the much gentler sounding Cadallaca and the Lookers) create such a ruckus, you'd never know the band includes just two people. On their debut disc, A Bike City Called Greasy, the songs blaze by almost as if each one is a separate movement in one long piece. But the lyrics are what sets the Haggard apart from the testosterone-soaked hardcore scene. If you can decipher the werewolf growls that pass for singing on "PE Teacher," you'll find a clever tale of teenage lust: "I'll play a round of dodge ball/join a sports team this fall/if you'll give me a call, PE teacher!" "God Kills Kittens + Babies" may seem like it's infected with by Misfits-styled gothicness, but really the song asks why evil happens in this world, while "For Matthew Shepard" vows to conquer that evil. Had the Indigo Girls grown up obsessed with Slayer and Minor Threat, they may well have created this very disc. 


1 Pe Teacher
2 Suburbs
3 Bikers + Hikers
4 TV + Pacification
5 Too Few
6 For Matthew Shepard
7 God Kills Kittens + Babies
9 Tampons
10 I'm Sorry Bob
11 Hysteria
12 Little Brother
13 Love Letter

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