25 July 2016


Here's some stoner/doom rock from Japan

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A Japanese doom/stoner rock band whose name derives from a classic song by genre pioneers Kyuss, Green Machine recorded two albums -- 1998's D.A.M.N. and 1999's Earth Beater -- before grinding to a halt due to inter-band squabbles and general consumer indifference. But, after replacing original bassist Daisaku with Takumi, vocalist/guitarist Monzawa and drummer Datsu returned for a third and final album, 2004's The Archives of Rotten Blues, following it with a DVD entitled Wizard's Convention the following year. 


1.1 On
1.2 Muddy
1.3 Red Eye
1.4 Cunt Maniac
1.5 Narrow
1.6 Damn
2.1 Flower
2.2 Knowledge
2.3 Underdone

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