30 July 2016

SKYWAVE Took the Sun 1998


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Skywave were an American shoegaze band who carried the noise-pop tradition of early Jesus & Mary Chain, blending harsh, buzzsaw-like guitars with driving rhythms and distorted, reverb-heavy vocals. Although the group were confined to obscurity throughout most of their existence, with most of their recordings only available as self-released CD-Rs or cassettes, they obtained a cult following, and have been regarded by some as one of the best and most underrated American shoegaze bands. Skywave were formed in Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1995 by guitarist/vocalist Paul Baker and bassist Oliver Ackermann, eventually joined by drummer John Fedowitz. The trio began releasing music on their own Cherry Coated Records in 1998, and toured incessantly throughout the United States and Canada with several other shoegaze and indie pop bands. They released several EPs and a few full-lengths before Ackermann moved to Brooklyn in 2003, at which point Skywave broke up. The group's final album, Synthstatic, was released in early 2004, and was easily their most well-received (and well-distributed) release. Ackermann founded a custom effects pedal company called Death by Audio, which later became the name of a popular underground music venue (and record label) in Brooklyn. He also started A Place to Bury Strangers, a group which pushed Skywave's sound even further, earning a reputation as "the loudest band in New York." The group received widespread acclaim for their self-titled 2007 debut, as well as their subsequent albums. Meanwhile, Fedowitz and Baker continued as Ceremony, debuting on the Safranin label in 2005 and eventually signing with Killer Pimp, who also issued A Place to Bury Stranger's debut. Baker eventually left Ceremony and formed Static Daydream. Due to demand from Skywave's cult fan base, the group released Killerrockandroll, a compilation of remastered songs from throughout the band's catalog, on Record Store Day in April of 2016. Other than the title track of 2002's "Don't Say Slow" 7" EP, most of the songs on the LP appeared on vinyl for the first time. 


1 Drive
2 Sixteen
3 Coast Drive
4 Mary's Shadow
5 Sanddune
6 Die For One More Day
7 Watch You Fade
8 Walking On Stars
9 Snow
10 Sanddune

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