20 July 2016

PURPLE IVY SHADOWS No Less The Trees Than The Stars 1997


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No Less the Trees Than the Stars puts drawling country touches on not-so-unconventional indie rock, an approach that could turn out banal, but is far too well-handled to ever go in that direction. For the most part, the album recalls Grandaddy without the rock and synth work, Pavement tracks like "Range Life," and the Silver Jews as a no-nonsense pop band. The fact that this Rhode Island outfit thanks each member of Small Factory somewhere in the album's liners is another good indicator of their overall tone. Thankfully, this unassuming sound is anchored in solid songwriting, which makes for a very likeable release. 


1 Pawtucket
2 Feeble
3 Rebuilding The Ancestral Statue
4 Until I Saw The Fish
5 Blue Mtn.
6 Roadwise Blood
7 Sustance
8 She Wouldn't Have It
9 Stairs
10 Dancefloor's Shiny Under Junky
11 No Health
12 A Space Is Needed

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