26 July 2016

MAOW The Unforgiving Sounds Of... Maow 1996

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Most notable for being the band Neko Case was in just before she launched her highly successful solo career, Maow plays a mix of punk, pop, and country. Hardcore Neko Case fans should be warned -- Neko does not handle all the vocals here (though bandmates Tobey Black and C.C. Hammond are very capable) and The Unforgiving Sounds of... is rough, at times amateurish, and not as instantly memorable as Neko's solo releases. The band does manage a few memorable moments, however, including the Eric Clapton-bashing (and Hank Williams-praising) "Very Missionary." Other fine tracks include "Wank," "Rock 'N' Roll Boy," and "How Does That Grab You." However, clocking in at less than 21 minutes, The Unforgiving Sounds of... is likely to appeal chiefly to Neko Case completists. 
1 Wank 1:42
2 Mean Mean Man 1:00
3 Sucker 1:52
4 Ms. Lefevre 1:53
5 Rock 'N' Roll Boy 1:13
6 Very Missionary 1:09
7 Mommie's Drunk 1:33
8 Woman's Scorn 1:30
9 Showpie 1:09
10 J'ai Faim 0:40
11 Man What's Got A Gun 1:06
12 How Does That Grab You, Darlin? 2:01
13 Party Tonite! 0:54
14 Cat's Meow 0:44

Bonus Tracks
15 One Night Stand 1:01
16 Catastrophe 1:04

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