02 July 2016

STIR self titled 1996

by request

AllMusic Review by

Stir is a talented trio of earnest rockers with a slight twang. The songs are pretty good, but they tend to suffer from sameness -- the tracks seem to run together. In fact, the first two cuts sound like they could be fit together to make the same song. The album has many rockers, which are offset by acoustic numbers. The musicianship is good and Andrew Schmidt's slightly raspy voice is fine. This debut album shows great promise for better things to come. 


1 We Belong 4:29
2 Stale 3:52
3 One Angel 4:09
4 Nephew 4:23
5 Looking For 4:40
6 Lady Bug 4:27
7 Star 4:44
8 Nothing's Wrong 3:49
9 Don't Understand 5:19
10 Until Now 4:23
11 Train 5:33
12 Ten Dances 4:18

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