09 July 2016




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Purveying detuned, grungy, psychedelic metal a la Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, or -- more recently -- Monster Magnet, Nightstick is a power trio consisting of bassist/vocalist Alex Smith, guitarist Cotie Cowgill, and drummer Robert Williams. Their albums include 1996's Blotter, 1998's Ultimatum, and 1999's Death to Music


1 Workers Of The World Unite 9:54
2 Some Boys 6:02
3 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 8:10
4 Mommy, What's A Funkadelic/5/21/93 5:48

Blotter 10:55
5A 'This Is A Pig,...'
5B Only The Leaves In The Trees
5C Let's Rock! (Benedictus)
5D Let's Rock (adagio)
5E Deep 6'd

6 Fellating The Dying Christ 2:41  
1 Ultimatum: 'Cut It Off, Then Kill It
2 United Snakes
3 The Pentagon
4 Pig In Shit
5 4 More Years
6 August 6, 1945: A. Flight B. Fright
7 Dream Of The Witches' Sabbath/Massacre Of Innocence (Air Attack)
8 Ultimatum: 'He... Is... Dead... Wrong' (4 Track Version)
9 Ultimatum: (Live @ Mama Kin's)

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