20 July 2016

TADPOLES He Fell Into the Sky 1994

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Hoboken, NJ based Tadpoles formed during the early '90s as a vehicle for leader Todd Parker's songs. Since then, the psychedelically-influenced band has evolved into a steady lineup of Parker, guitarist and vocalist Nick Kramer, bassist David Max, and drummer Adam Boyette. The band has founded its own record label, Bakery Records, to self release three studio albums produced by former Shimmy-Disc founder Kramer as well as an EP and live album.

Far Out
Vocalist and guitarist Todd Parker wrote and sang all of the songs on Tadpoles' debut He Fell From The Sky. On Tadpoles' second and third albums Far Out and Smoke Ghost, guitarist Nick Kramer, who played mostly feedback and guitar sound effects tracks until the departure of rhythm guitarist Andrew Jackson, began writing songs. He has firmly established himself as a driving creative force within the Tadpoles. Parker also gives credit to the most recent addition to the Tadpoles, drummer Adam Boyette, "As far as we're concerned, Adam is the key to the band right now. He's given us a rejuvenation, both creatively and toward the whole music business. Good drummers are really hard to find and we are happy we found him."
A four-star review in Rolling Stone for Tadpoles' second album Far Out, and a well-received appearance at the 1997 Terrastock Festival sponsored by the U.K. magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope has consolidated a national following for the band. Whirlaway followed in 1999.  


1 Blossom 2:57
2 Snapper 3:46
3 Liars 3:22
4 Butterfly 3:14
5 The Ride 4:24
6 Iguana 3:32
7 Umbrella Smile 3:20
8 Trips & Visits 4:04
9 Mary Anne 4:22
10 Jamba 5:25

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