26 July 2016

SUNSET VALLEY Boyscout Superhero 1999

Thanks to Jim


Artist Biography by

The New Speed
Alternative rockers Sunset Valley formed in Portland, Oregon in September of 1996; originally a trio comprising frontman Herman Jolly, guitarist Jonathan Drews and bassist Eric Furlong, the group later expanded to a five-piece with the additions of keyboardist Jeff Saltzman and ex-Heatmiser drummer Tony Lash. Their debut LP The New Speed followed in 1998; Boyscout Superhero followed a year later. 


1 I Got Fair
2 Megapills
3 Tornado
4 Happily Frozen
5 City Of Bees
6 Heatwave One
7 Doll Eating Man
8 Fairy Theory
9 Solid Goldmine
10 Jackass Crusher
11 Doll Hill

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