11 July 2016

KING APPARATUS self titled 1992

by request

Artist Biography by

Toronto ska-revival quintet King Apparatus was formed in the late 1980s by singer Chris Murray, guitarists Sam Tallo and Paul Ruston, bassist Mitch Girio and drummer Brian Christopher. The group issued its self-titled debut album on the Raw Energy label, followed a year later by the Hospital Waiting Room EP; in the wake of 1993's Marbles, King Apparatus disbanded, with Murray later releasing a solo album under the name Venice Shoreline Chris.


1 Non-Stop Drinking
2 Break Your Heart
3 Live Feed From Heaven
4 Dancing Fools
5 Wasteland
6 Five Good Reasons
7 Untitled
8 Made For TV
9 Tom Metzger's Big Plan
10 Hospital Waiting Room
11 Feel No Pain
12 King Apparatus
13 Solid One Love
14 Death Car On The Freeway
15 Searching For The New Guitar Hero
16 Hangin' On
17 Buy Our Stuff
18 Heartless

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