15 February 2018

I LOVE YOU self titled 1991

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Artist Biography by

Vocalist Christopher Palmer and guitarist Jeff Nolan met while both were in high school in Florida. The two began playing together and formed the Sinful Pigeons with bassist Mike Kossler. After a small tour, the bandmembers went in different directions, but Palmer, Nolan and Kossler re-formed as I Love You and released a song on an SST compilation. Playing at an SST concert, the band was sighted by a Geffen executive and signed. With drummer Tom Sweet, I Love You released their self-titled debut album in 1991. 


1 Hang Straight Up 4:02
2 Open You 4:15
3 Love Is 2:49
4 2 3:09
5 She's The One/I.N.S.E.T. 7:28
6 Swing 4:30
7 Jesus 4:11
8 Flies 2:43
9 Jamf 4:45
10 Fuzz The Whirl 5:54
11 The Lamb 2:06

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