05 August 2020

AN EMPTY THREAT Various Artists 1992

Thanks to ForAllItsWorth for the suggestion

Cassette only compilation on the Atom label


A1 Some Velvet Sidewalk Peel
A2 Spinanes* Halloween Candy [Kitchen Version 12-91]
A3 Crackerbash Bike
A4 FYP* Teachers Pet
A5 Witchy Poo* Touch & Go
A6 Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet 16 Encores
A7 Stiff Woodies Breakdance Boogie
A8 Dukes Of Burl Help Me So
A9 Beat Happening Sea Hunt
B1 Witchy Poo* Heavy Gurl Involvement
B2 Thatcher On Acid Outwardly We're Lying, Inwardly We're Crying [Live]
B3 Melvins Blessing The Operation
B4 Mecca Normal When You Know


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