04 December 2022

GLUELEG Heroic Doses 1995

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Glueleg Biography

by Mario Mesquita Borges

Coming from Toronto, Canada, Glueleg showed off a tottering combination of alternative rock, that counted on with a constant and ravishing presence of instruments, such as a saxophone. In addition to it, they affixed on a strong keyboards section that, along with the powerful bass rhythms, offered funky approaches to the neatest sounds of metal. Their formation goes back to 1992, one year before their first recording, Angst, an independently released cassette. They then joined producer James Stewart III, in 1993, to record their first EP, Park Alien. Their lineup at the time consisted of Carlos Alonso (vocals), Ruben Huizenga (vocals, guitar), Andrew Charters (bass), Andrew Wyse (saxophone, keyboards), and Bob Mackowycz (trumpet), later substituted by Alex Hair. Two years later, the Canadian crew released their first album, Heroic Doses on Page Publications, a label set up by the Barenaked Ladies. It was by that time that Alonso left, replaced on lead vocals by Huizenga. Glueleg then signed on with Liquido Records, that decided to re-issue the album, bringing them even more exposure due to EMI's distribution. In 1997, the band released Clodhopper, their second and last album before disbanding, produced by Sylvia Massy, that previously worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and with Tool



  1. Heroic Doses
  2. Polio
  3. Mister Pink
  4. Spiderman
  5. Come With Me
  6. Dust
  7. Pampa De Chooch
  8. I Saw You Joja
  9. Lilies
10. Park Alien
11. Red

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