22 January 2020

BY A THREAD Last Of The Daydreams 1999



Vancouver's By A Thread have tightly knit a new sound, drawing their influences from Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate, hometown favorites Sparkmarker, and their own hardcore roots. Formed in 1996 by former members of Strain, By A Thread weave complex melodies with poetic lyrics that speak to the muse in each of us. Each song reveals the depth of emotion in singer/ lyricist John Franco's thoughts and actions, "My lyrics come from life experiences. I try to remain true to the feelings of the moment rather than distort them to appease other people."


1 Surface 3:10
2 Castle 3:18
3 Fade 3:16
4 A Stale Goodbye 4:00
5 Skin Deep 3:51
6 ) 1:01
7 Walkway 3:22
8 The World To Me 2:57
9 Crushed Beneath 4:03
10 January 25 3:58
11 Phaedra 4:55

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