17 January 2021

BEDLAM ROVERS Frothing Green 1990




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US band the Bedlam Rovers are unlikely to appeal to folk traditionalists, with their potpourri of influences and an unfettered approach to distilling their influences, but their live performances have certainly won many converts. Their debut album was illuminated by the mandolin playing of founder member Jeremy, but when he departed after its release, it left them with a press description of ‘Celtic rock’, to which they no longer subscribed (despite an early cover version of ‘Danny Boy’ and material by Christy Moore). A quintet from San Francisco, California, USA, they formed in the early 90s, taking their unusual name from a suggestion made by a British friend. They quickly earned a reputation for their protest lyrics and live shows. Other influences included traditional working songs and the early recordings of Johnny Cash. In 1993 they travelled to the UK in support of Wallow, remarking in interviews that it was the first release properly to represent their live performances. They played regularly with Chumbawamba, endearing themselves to audiences with their ability to incorporate ska, folk rock and garage riffs into a cohesive whole.


1 Objectivity
2 Tear Gas Y Coke
3 Recycle Or Die
4 Bizness Suit Hoedown
5 No One's Illegal
6 Angel From Montgomery
7 XTC Waltz
8 Home Be Bearna
9 Parting Glass
10 Three Drunken Maidens
11 Laughin Babies
12 Frothing Green


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