16 January 2021

SALMONBLASTER self titled 1996

 by request




Salmonblaster was a Canadian alternative rock band from London. The band's lineup consisted of guitarist and singer Matt Werm, drummer Brady Parr and bassist Mat Davis. They were best known for their 1996 song "Freeway" from their Salmonblaster self-titled album, which received regular play on Canadian music station Much Music.[1][2] Their 1996 self-titled album was a top 10 hit on Canada's college music chart in 1996 peaking at number 5 in July of that year.[3] By November 1996, they were Toronto's top selling indie band.


1 Sugarrush
2 Transistors & Turbines
3 Blast Off
4 Freeway
5 Drive It!
6 Floating Eyes
7 Brian Jones
8 Pulse
9 Skyrockets
10 The Perfect Fit
11 Shooting Stars
12 Betrayal
13 Justafish
14 Visionblur


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