12 June 2021

DWEEB Turn You On 1998



Artist Biography by AllMusic

Lo-fi indie band Dweeb, formed in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, launched their career with three singles for acclaimed independent labels - Fierce Panda, Che and Damaged Goods. Afterwards, they surprised many by signing to a major, WEA Records, through their Blanco y Negro affiliate. The group, which comprises leader Kris Dweeb, his sister Lara and the similarly surnameless John Dweeb, formed after seeing a London gig by teenage lo-fi band Bis. They came to the attention of Blanco y Negro managing director Geoff Travis (formerly of Rough Trade Records) after he heard the demo that won them appearances on BBC Radio 1’s Evening Session and the John Peel show. Their first two singles for Blanco, ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Oh Yeah, Baby’, highlighted the group’s energetic pop style, with guitars allied to electronic elements, including samples, drum machines and tape loops. Surprisingly, their debut album was recorded with Pete Woodroffe, best known for his work with Def Leppard and (more in keeping with the group’s sound) Tiger. 



1 Intro 0:42
2 Oh Yeah, Baby 3:05
3 100 MPH 3:01
4 Beautiful Thing (She's So Radical) 4:36
5 Scooby Doo 2:35
6 Everything's Fine 2:45
7 Buzzsong 2:03
8 Intermission 0:44
9 I.O.U. Everything 3:30
10 Me & You 2:20
11 Last Girl In The World 3:20
12 No Hit Wonder 2:43
13 I Need You 2:56
14 Elastic Love 2:34
15 Retard 2:13
16 Goodbye 4:35

17 Theme From Dweeb
18 Born With Style
19 Reprise



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