15 October 2021

MANCAKE We Will Destroy You EP 1998




Washington, DC punk band.

Jason Hamacher (Ponan), Shelby Cinca (Reno (11)), Mike Schleibaum from Darkest Hour (Pants (2)) on bass and Eric Astor (Man (12)) of Art Monk Construction Records on drums.

Conceived one evening as a bit of fun with Jason, expressing his dream of being an extreme frontman, screamer like Sam McPheeters from Born Against and whom he fashioned his screaming-style off on. Jason truly was frightening during his tenure as the bloody "Ponan" (part pony part conan) together with Reno taking on guitar duties, Pants on bass and Man on drums Mancake were ready to enter the studio. The EP was recorded at WGNS studios, Washington, DC by Geoff Turner, whilt the artwork was an edited version of one of Jason's western records, which he collected at the time.

During 1997/98 Mancake's few live shows became the stuff of legends.They performed house shows at The Happy Hardcore House, after being banned from Club Soda, for a show where the band performed wearing just crisp white briefs and being banned from George Mason University for throwing 100s of pancakes into the audience and destroying the carpeting with mushed pancake. 



Louisiana Purchase2:51
Armed With A Lasso3:30
Forced To Breathe Concrete2:37
International House Of Mancake2:28
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