03 January 2022

GANGER Fore 1996


by request


Artist Biography

by Jason Ankeny

The Scottish post-rock quartet Ganger formed in 1995, its original members -- bassists Stuart Henderson and Graham Gavin, drummer James Young and guitarist Lucy McKenzie -- coming together out of a shared affection for the classic Krautrock sound. Debuting with the EP Half Nelson, 20-minute impromptu jams like "Jellyneck" characterized the group's early approach, but as their music grew more disciplined and eclectic the line-up began to crumble, with McKenzie the first to exit to pursue a career in the visual arts. After Gavin quit in 1997, Henderson and Young recruited ex-Fukiyama bassist Natasha Noramly and guitarist Craig B., with the revitalized Ganger resurfacing in early 1998 with the EP With Tongues Twisting Words; the full-length Hammock Style followed later that year, but the band broke had broken up by 1999.



1. Hollywood Loaf
2. Missile That Back-Fired
3. Drummer's Arms And Bionic Thumbs
4. Smorgasbord
5. Fore
6. Jellyneck
7. Anomovieshot
8. Prisoner of My Eyeball

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