21 January 2022

SMALL 23 / MOTOROLLA / FINGER Fish Hips & Turkey Lips 1992



Small is also known as Small 23
Three way split 12 inch on Shakedown Records


A1Small (2)Billy Spear Vs Jimi Hendrix
A2Small (2)Empty Room
A3Small (2)Every
A4Small (2)Nasty Little Chick
A5Finger (2)New & Improved
A6Finger (2)You Can Have It All
A7Finger (2)Out Of Focus
A8Finger (2)Mr Taylor Surfs The Drags
B1Finger (2)Vessel
B2Finger (2)Tuber
B3MotorollaThe Train
B4MotorollaThe Habit
B5MotorollaSweat Pearl
B6MotorollaMr Taylor Drags The Surf


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