30 November 2022

JESSICA SIX All Good Things 1999



Kinda Superchunkish.

Jessica Six Biography

by Mike DaRonco

The Houston-based pop-punk quartet of Jessica Six began in 1994 with an accompanied maturity of indie undertones and personal lyrics. After releasing two compilation tracks, Act Your Age Records put out their debut EP as a split with fellow Texans Schrasj in 1998 before quickly breaking up that same year. With members eventually moving onto Schrasj, the Cinders, and Port Vale, Act Your Age and Highwaterwater Records compiled everything that Jessica Six recorded on the 1999 album All Good Things.



  1. Anne Mars
  2. Newport Millionaire
  3. Souvenir
  4. Vendors of Great Things
  5. Swingin Naturals
  6. Kansas City Monarch
  7. Repeater
  8. At Waterford Square
  9. The Man Responsible
10. Mustang Boy
11. Sailor Beware
12. Alpine
13. A Wind To Shake The Stars
14. Saul Met A Girl

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