22 June 2024

M.I.J. Bloo EP 1996




M.I.J. take the time-honored route of honing their skills before unleashing their sound on the world. Forming in 1994, instead of getting together for a few shows and practices and rushing out their demo or, even worse, full-length, the band spent time working out their material before it felt right. And, on their debut full-length ("The Radio Goodnight") it feels right as the band jumps around from full-on rock attacks to methodical pools of emotions.
With a gentle warmth like spring rain, m.i.j. cranks out a sound mixing the more ethereal melodies of indie pop with emo's tendency for driving arrangements, resulting in a sound straddling the fence between the two genres. Not as contemplative nor personal as typical Midwestern emo, though featuring more texture than the oft-fuzzy melodies of pop, their albums find a balance between soft-focus melodies and punk-descended rhythms. - last.fm




November Doesn't Know That (You Don't Sing)
Seasons All Around
This Will End

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