26 September 2015

DYNAMITE HACK Pillowhead 1998

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The quirky post-grunge quartet Dynamite Hack was formed in Austin, TX, in 1997, taking their name from a line in the film Caddyshack. Vocalist/guitarist Mark Morris, vocalist/bassist Chad Robinson, guitarist Mike Vlahakis, and drummer Chase Scott took their cues from bands like Weezer, Pavement, Jawbreaker, and the Barenaked Ladies. The latter influence was especially apparent on Dynamite Hack's acoustic folk-rock cover of N.W.A.'s "Boyz 'N tha Hood," which became a local radio hit in the Austin/Dallas area in 1999. In its wake, the group recorded a full-length album, titled Superfast, which was released locally in January 2000 and remixed for national distribution by Universal that summer. 


1 Anyway 2:55
2 Alvin 2:52
3 Superfast 3:16
4 Pillowhead 3:51
5 Boyz In The Hood 2:38
6 Call It A Night 3:11
7 Laura 3:44
8 Amber Valleta 3:55
9 You Know 3:40
10 Today Was A Good Day 3:50
11 Some Waves 4:33
12 A.S.D. 13:59

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