13 September 2015


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On "Shaky Ground," "Three-Fisted" and "Stay High" Mystery Machine hide its pop sensibilities behind layers of distortion. Other than differing lyrics, little distinguishes the songs from each other as the band plays with the amps cranked to 10 and singer/guitarist Luke Rogalsky searches for a melody line over the din. Included on this extended single is an edgy live version of "Ride," recorded in early 1991, that is more energetic than the version on Glazed. The band tears through the instrumental sounding like there are moments away from falling apart, with each member fighting to keep up with the song's frenetic pace and on the beat. It is a five-minute rollercoaster ride of buzzsaw and wah-wahed guitars, galloping drums and trebly bass. An intense performance and the best cut on the E.P. 


1 Shaky Ground 3:08
2 Everyone's Alright 2:56
3 Valley Song 4:51
4 Ride 5:05
5 Stay High 2:38
6 Hooked 1:35
7 Floored 3:45
8 Hi-Test 0:51
9 Invitation 2:16
10 Salty 0:55
11 Underground 4:35
12 Broken 2:28
13 Slack 5:04
14 Stain Master 9:37

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