16 March 2020

PLOW self titled 1993


Here's a review for Ice Cream Flares and Rocket Sounds, so you can get an idea of their sound.

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The exciting shoegazing sound fell out of favor in old Blighty, but American practitioners were still hard at it. Like their rougher-sounding 1993 debut, Plow, Baltimore's Plow throw up the requisite thick, vertiginous wail of dream pop, with dense, but glacial, twin guitars storming all over like a spastic sprinkler spitting out intermittent water currents. On the huge, inclement, final instrumental minutes of the closing "Blueberry Blue," Plow rejustify the whole genre, again conjuring comparisons with the more mighty moments of early Ride (such as "Unfamiliar") without stealing (Plow's more harsh sound is closer to Radiohead, with more shoegaze lulling vocals). Another convincing effort.


1 Satellite 4:07
2 Chainsaw Glide 3:58
3 The Creeper 5:22
4 High As A Kite 3:52
5 Broken Nose 6:04
6 I'm On Mars 4:30
7 Dragon Fly 4:34
8 Higher Now 3:48
9 King Of The Spiders 4:49
10 My Sky 7:21

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