28 March 2020

TINSEL Quit While You're Ahead 1996

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Quit While You're Ahead makes a great leap from Tinsel's earlier work, which fell very much in line with North Carolina's indie-rock scene (Archers of Loaf, or, to some extent, Superchunk) -- the record takes Tinsel's songwriting out of standard territory, attempting a number of more varied and original pop constructions, and winds up finding a unique voice for the band outside of its Mid-Atlantic rock peers. The resulting album is far more artistically worthwhile than its predecessors, retaining all of the band's melodic rock sensibilities, but taking them into more mature territories.


1 The New Machine
2 Major Warning
3 If I Had A Seizure
4 Gotta Get Some
5 Here Comes The Scum
6 Good To Loose
7 Esquire
8 Bottles And Tires
9 Spooky
10 Great White Hopeful
11 Scarface

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