12 March 2020

THE CRUST BROTHERS Marquee Mark 1998

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Marquee Mark
The Crust Brothers started out on December 5, 1997, when Pavement's frontman Steve Malkmus got together with the members of the Seattle/Montana trio of Silkworm. They played a benefit show together in Seattle, and the recording of this show was later turned into their first album, titled Marquee Mark (Telemomo). Malkmus is known for his brilliant, arcane songwriting and his powerful, precision guitar playing. Although the name of Steve Malkmus might steal some of the thunder from the lesser-known Silkworm trio, don't be fooled; the threesome posses a continuous energy that drives their instruments with confidence and delivers their songs with surprisingly introspective lyrics. The members of Silkworm include bassist/vocalist Tim Midgett, guitarist/vocalist Andy Cohen, and drummer Michael Dahlquist. These fellows met Malkmus at the 1996 Lollapalooza concert and the friendship developed from there. Malkmus later moved to Portland, and due to proximity or chemistry, he started spending more time with his friends in Seattle. Oddly enough, the four musicians began working on some "fight" songs for a National Football League commercial but things never panned out. Cohen has received credit for creating the name of The Crust Brothers. At first glance, the name would appear to have been developed for the primary purpose of tainting a date on a club's calendar, but it apparently evolved from the classic rock band The Dust Brothers. All of this makes perfect sense once you hear their first album's set of classic rock treasures. Malkmus has made big waves in the past with another one of his so-called "side-projects," The Silver Jews. The founder of this band, David Berman, points out that the Jews were formed at the University of Virginia before Pavement ever had the chance to grace us with their futuristic wisdom. 


1 Going To Acapulco 6:22
2 Million Dollar Bash 2:40
3 Bessie Smith 4:25
4 Yazoo Street Scandal 3:53
5 Lo And Behold 3:34
6 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 3:57
7 Never Met A Man I Didn't Like 4:30
8 Heard It Through The Grapevine 5:07
9 Feel A Whole Lot Better 3:04
10 Bitch 4:42
11 Tuesday's Gone 7:28
12 Mrs. Henry 4:45

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