21 April 2021

57 WALTZ Argentina 1999



Artist Biography by Mike DaRonco

After spending a couple of years playing out their Modest Mouse, Built to Spill and Pavement records Matt Valade (guitar/ vocal), Mike Canich (bass) and Jason Sherman (drums) got together 57 Waltz in 1998 to stir a little of their own rock ‘n roll. Only after a couple month of playing around their local Detroit area, Spectator Records took notice and released their first EP Stallions 2 Miranda. After their second seven inch on Kill Rock Stars entitled "Janet Margolin" b/w "Ensockulated (Pt. 2)" and the addition of second guitarist Mike Hostetler in 1999, Spectator Records followed through to put out their first full-length entitled Argentina



1 Christopher Robin
2 She´s Sweet
3 Sour
4 Argentina
5 Enchantment
6 Pep Talk
7 The Lousy Stripper
8 That Android Lives
9 B-Side Fiasco
10 All My Bishops, All My Cardinals



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