04 April 2021

LIQUIDO Liquido 1999


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Allmusic Review

We had to do it.

Liquido were a strange case of one-hit wonders. Founded by two Pyogenesis members (who left the band after Mono), they released an eponymous debut with a commercial acclaim like no other band in Germany, not even Rammstein: their song “Narcotic” was so successful in Europe that it was defined the “second best song ever” by a German radio list. After the drunk phase of regurgitation due by that tormenting hit (the band disbanded in 2009), we can freely say the song wasn’t the masterpiece it was supposed to be: excluding the initial organ intro and carnivalesque keyboard hook, it’s a simple syncope-led simple rocker in C# major. The rest of the album contains mainly catchy, dreaming but clean-, sheen-produced stadium Post-Grunge with cooing vocals, inoffensive grooves, marching paces and distorted The Smashing Pumpkins-like guitar riffs in Drop C# tuning. The songwriting is so repetitive and based over a few power-chord chord changes for single songs that it appears almost minimalistic: besides, the songs range from tentative, insufficient pseudo-singles in the vein of the said “Narcotic” or are vomit-inducing late-afternoon whispered pseudo-intimal filler (“I Will Have It All Today”), not to count the horribly strained vocals. All in all, the band’s mainstream recognition not only was undeserved, but more like the result of luck than anything else. 


1 I Won't Try 3:30
2 Swing It 3:15
3 Doubledecker 2:56
4 Clicklesley 4:27
5 Wake Me Up 4:00
6 I'll Have It All Today 2:25
7 Narcotic 4:41
8 What You Keep Inside 3:22
9 Clown 4:18
10 Ticket To Anywhere 3:32
11 Saturday Rocks 5:43

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