01 April 2021

SIDECAR Three Wheel Heroes 1997




Artist Biography by Jason Ankeny

All Those Opposed Cleveland pop-punk quartet Sidecar -- singer/drummer Brandon, guitarists Billy and Brett, and bassist Steve -- debuted in 1995 with the 7" Swingset, followed a year later by the full-length Three Wheel Heroes. At some point, Pete replaced Billy on guitar; guitarist Phil also joined on along the way. The Take a Loss EP appeared in 1998, and in mid-1999 Sidecar returned with All Those Opposed on Fast Music. Working in the studio with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore, You're Killing Me appeared in early 2003, and though a split release with Samiam was also worked on, it was ultimately shelved by the label without being released. Having built a solid local and Midwest following -- but remaining rather unknown elsewhere -- Sidecar last played together in mid-2003, as the bandmembers then went on to play with other projects.



1 Disappointed
2 1000 Times
3 Edge
4 Hetrophobe
5 Let It Go
6 He Makes Me Hard
7 Outside
8 Hours Away
9 Feel Stupid
10 Crack
11 Really
12 Miss Jones
13 Thinger Two
14 You're To Blame
15 Token Cheesey Cover Song
16 Not So Serious

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