09 March 2018

THE TECHNICAL JED The Oswald Cup 1995


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Bearing one of the goofier names in early-'90s indie circles, Richmond, VA's the Technical Jed mixes the kind of psych-tinged jangle pop associated with Southern guitar bands like the Olivia Tremor Control/Neutral Milk Hotel wing of the Elephant 6 collective with a more experimental sonic outlook more akin to the post-rock experimentalists of the time.
The Technical Jed formed in Richmond in 1991; singing guitarists Clancy Fraher and Daniel Bartels, bassist Steve Brooking, and drummer David Bush were bored college students at the time, and that peculiarly collegiate brand of smart-alecky amusement colors their music. After a couple of singles on the local micro-indie Brilliant Records, including a split EP with fellow Virginians Twitch Hazel, the Technical Jed signed with New York's estimable Spin Art label in 1993. Their self-titled debut album came out in 1994, collecting the contents of those early singles with a batch of new tracks. The reviews almost invariably mentioned Pavement, who were at the zenith of their hipster-cred popularity at the moment, but with song titles like "Dance of the Lollipop Faeries" and "Gina (Fix Yourself a Drink)" and a guitar sound with strong hints of both Television and Sonic Youth, The Technical Jed is clearly a record that stands on its own.
1996's The Oswald Cup is a less poppy affair, with more bristly arrangements and a bit more of a lean towards the math rock vibe of Polvo or the For Carnation, with an even bigger dose of Tom Verlaine-style liquid guitar lines to boot. Unfortunately, the Technical Jed split shortly after its release. Fraher worked with the more abrasive Drunk after the Technical Jed split up, producing several of their albums. Bush went on to join Sparklehorse for a couple of albums, and later Blonde on Blonde.


1 Idle Spec #2
2 The Oswald Cup
3 Two Shots
4 Tribute
5 E-32
6 Edith Peach
7 Angler
8 Seamus
9 818
10 Been Touched
11 When The Levis Break
12 Club Car

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