30 March 2021

GUTFIDDLE Kung Foolery 1998




Gutfiddle was a Melodic-Punk band from Lake Havasu City, Arizona active in the mid to late-90s. Probably, Lake Havasu's first gig-playing punk rock band, first band to have shirts and merch, and first (if not still the only) to have a bonafide release on an underground label. Often played The Cinema Theater and The Shakespeare venues alongside other local Havasu bands Blindside and Post Toasties. The name was a variation on slang name for a guitar, the "gitfiddle."  


1 Not Enough Time
2 Pulled Away
3 Over You
4 Falling Foward
5 This Time
6 Undecided
7 For The Best
8 Yesterday
9 Running On Empty
10 Tomorrow In The Eye
11 Shitty Love Song
12 Drunk Sluts
13 Times Have Changed
14 Last Up
15 Pretend
16 Drinking With The Boys


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