30 March 2021

SIX GOING ON SEVEN Self-Made Mess 1997




Artist Biography by Andy Kellman

During their eight-year existence from 1994 to 2001, the emo/indie rock band Six Going on Seven released three full-lengths and a number of stray singles and compilation appearances. Referencing bands from Fugazi to Jawbreaker to Buffalo Tom, the band consisted of singer/bassist Josh English, drummer Will Bartlett, and guitarist James Bransford. After a debut single for Hydra Head, the band fell in with the Some label and recorded 1997's Self-Made Mess at Dave "The Snake" Sabo's (Skid Row) New Jersey studio. Heartbreak's Got Backbeat followed two years later, and the band's final record, American't (Or Won't), was released in 2001 on Big Wheel Recreation. As Six Going on Seven progressed, their sound slickened and softened and English's vocals became less throaty.



1 Sexy Like The Titanic 2:44
2 Endurance 3:17
3 Getaway Car 3:50
4 Flu Season 3:36
5 Sincerely 4:10
6 Deadpan Cool 3:16
7 Lampwick 3:31
8 New Faith In Loss 2:52
9 Method Actor 3:59
10 Everybody's Got A Hobby 3:25


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