02 March 2021

SLOW LORIS The Ten Commandments And Two Territories According To Slow Loris 1996



AllMusic Review by Francis Arres

The Ten Commandments and Two Territories According To... is a dark record with many changes. A first impression for one who skips through songs would be one of Tortoise without electronics, but Slow Loris is much more than that. The transition and instrumentation of Slow Loris are always interesting. The music feels as if it were improvised, then structured after the initial improvised jam. There exists a jazz, lounge feel, a cool swing with subtle changes. Drums are up front, with guitar and bass eventually picking up on the rhythms that the drums have set, accenting the flourishes. Keyboards and guitar follow the same melody lines. This music never gets boring. Solos come in and out without you realizing it. The listener falls into the groove with the subtle solos of the piano and guitar. "Honour the Lynx" is a rock/fusion track. Drums and rhythms are in the rock vein, while the tones of the instruments have a jazz feel. Effects on the various instruments weave the track to different levels; there are beautiful guitar and keyboard solos sounding a lot like horns. Some tunes have atmospheric intros with horns and free guitar. There is usually a total switch to heavy, loud drums and distorted guitars. This is straight-ahead rock, making for wonderful changes, destroying what Slow Loris had built for listeners. Then, in the end, they return to the cool lounge they had started in the beginning.


1 Frog Boy 2:40
2 Too Bad Man 4:52
3 Honour The Lynx 4:03
4 Max Sabbath 2:01
5 Tijuana 5:10
6 Soil Thy Bedclothes 4:22
7 Boil Edna 3:01
8 Thou Shall Not Destroy Tokyo 2:30
9 Horse 4:33
10 Live Next Door 4:03
11 Covet The Neighbours 3-D 3:01


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