07 March 2021

PAN•AMERICAN Pan•American 1997



Artist Biography by Paul Simpson

360 Business/360 Bypass Pan•American is the long-running solo project of Mark Nelson, guitarist and vocalist of ambient drone-rock legends Labradford. While bearing some similarities to the group, such as drifting guitar textures and hushed vocals, Pan•American has frequently explored dub, techno, and ambient influences, employing shimmering washes of sound and subtle glitch effects. 360 Business/360 Bypass (2000) is his dubbiest, most beat-heavy work, while Quiet City (2004) represents his music at its most stripped-down and intimate. After several electronic-oriented efforts such as 2013's Cloud Room, Glass Room, he went back to his roots with the primarily acoustic A Son in 2019. 



1 Starts Friday 6:43
2 Remapping 7:01
3 Lent 4:54
4 First Position 3:36
5 Tract 5:42
6 The Dark Nest 3:37
7 Noun 7:50
8 Lake Supplies 4:57
9 Part One 5:52



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