11 November 2021

LAME ASS WORLD Various Artists 1998





1Interrupt VectorLameAss Intro...
2Whatever...I Can't Forget
323wayz2saynothingAll I Need
4All Purpose (2)Why?
5Another JoeI Don't Know
6Bald VultureNo Fashion
7Out Of HandLeave Me Alone
8Closet MonsterNot My Concern
9Trigger Happy (2)Fingers
11Trunk (3)Something Real
12Gob (3)Wasting Time
13Buckweeds*Oklahoma City Blown Away
14Jersey (3)No Turning Back
15Fraud (9)Save The World
16Keener (2)Speechless
17Indifferent (3)Pink And Twisted
18D.B.S.Expectations Are For The Old
19Interrupt VectorA Kik In Tha Nutz


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