06 November 2021

TEARDRAIN Sunshine You're Not 7 inch 1994




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Simpson Richard James

May 11, 2017

"Sunshine You're Not" is the final official release from Teardrain, a Los Angeles-based trio. The band was formed in 1993 by musicians Richard James Simpson (from Invisible Chains, which featured Carla Bozulich) and Jill Emery (bassist for Hole, Mazzy Star, and Super Heroines), and included drummer Mark Reback of Black Hi-Lighter.

The EP - a follow up to Teardrain's successful debut single Ego Sick/Caught in the Wheel - saw Teardrain moving in a more experimental format, as can be heard on the brooding unplugged version of the title track "Unshined," the title track's bombastic entrance preparing the listener for the ride, and the mysterious "Pearl" an instrumental written by all band members.

Although the band had only two releases in 1994, they were often associated with the subgenre of alternative rock called grunge, which gave rise to such bands as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and The Pixies. The LA Weekly used the phrase "hypno-aggressive" to describe their unique style and sound. Furthermore, their songs "Unshine" and "Ego Sick" were featured on MTV's "Real World," San Francisco edition. Before their final show, *Teardrain drew the attention of Timothy Leary, who was a special guest of the band during a performance at Raji's in Hollywood, CA. (*sourced from Flipside magazine).

Also credited as Richard James, Richard James Simpson is the brother of the late Rock Halsey from the infamous L.A. punk band Rock Bottom and The Spys.

Teardrain disbanded in 1995. Its members went on to pursue various projects: Richard recorded a solo album co-produced and performed with Dustin Boyer, lead guitarist for John Cale; Jill continued to perform and record with Mazzy Star and is a respected name in the art world; and Mark joined Black Hi-Lighter, and toured with Slaughter And The Dogs.

The EP was co-produced with Swedish engineer Ollie Olson, who worked with a wide range of artists. From his early work in Los Angeles with Hip Hop stars likes Ice T, Tupac and Snoop, to more recently mixing songs on the highly acclaimed debut album by Eurovision winner - Loreen.

The cover features the stark, powerful outsider art from Jill Emery. The band's photographer during these sessions was world-renowned photography Lindsay Brice.

Richard James Simpson: Vocals, Guitar & Piano; Jill Emery: Bass & Backing Vocals; Mark Reback: Drums & Percussions.

Cover art by Jill Emery.


Sunshine You're Not



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