30 November 2021

THE SCISSOR GIRLS We People Space With Phantoms 1996



The Scissor Girls were a Chicago no wave band formed by Azita Youssefi, Sue Anne Zollinger, and Heather Melowic in 1991. The idea to form the group was conceived during the late eighties by Azita Youssefi and Heather Melowic while they were living in their hometown of Washington, DC. In 1989, after moving to Chicago to attend the Art Institute of Chicago, Youssefi met guitarist Sue Anne Zollinger who, following the addition of Heather Melowic on drums, agreed to join the trio. The original lineup of the band included of Azita Youssefi on bass and vocals, Sue Anne Zollinger on guitar, and Heather Melowic on drums.


1. The Sequential
2.  A Dedication to Cronies and Goats (M. Organ)
3. In Two Acts
4. Vamps, Here!
5. Dismemberment Murder
6. Skeletal/Binary
7. World of Unreal Time
8. Forecast Total Brain Shut-Dwn
9. S. Mongers
    Anti-FUT Nos. 1, 2
10. Anti-FUT No. 1
11. Anti-FUT No. 2

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