27 May 2018

ADEN Black Cow 1999


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Black Cow
Indie-pop combo Aden was led by singer/guitarist Jeff Gramm, the son of Texas senator Phil Gramm; originally dubbed Dingle, the group -- also including bassist Fred Kovey and drummer Josh Klein -- formed on the campus of the University of Chicago in 1995, tapping Sabalon Glitz's Chris Holmes to produce their debut single "Scooby Doo." Shortly after recording their 1997 self-titled debut LP for the local Fortune4 label, Aden expanded to a four-piece with the addition of guitarist Kevin Barker; when Gramm and Kovey relocated to Washington, D.C. soon after, both Klein and Barker remained in Chicago, the former working as a music journalist and the latter continuing his studies. Minus Klein, the group reformed in 1999 to release Black Cow, their first album for TeenBeat. Hey 19 appeared a year later.


1 New Fast 2:28
2 I Knew You Would Go 1:53
3 Sadness 2:09
4 Haunt Me 3:15
5 Green 2:14
6 New ¾ 2:23
7 Counting The Days 1:33
8 Part Of A Losing Team 2:42
9 (Swords And) Falconry 3:10
10 Collapsing 2:30
11 Why Can't I Make You Happy? 1:54
12 Left Off Here 4:14

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