12 May 2018

THE GLORIA RECORD self titled 1998


Artist Biography by

A Lull in Traffic
Following the 1997 demise of their Austin, TX-based emo band Mineral, singer/guitarist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez reunited in the Gloria Record. Favoring a more acoustic, organic approach than their previous project, the duo soon recruited guitarist Brian Hubbard and drummer Matt Hammon to complete the lineup, issuing their Crank! label single "Grace, the Snow Is Here" in the fall of 1998. Following the completion of a self-titled EP, the roster expanded to a quintet with the addition of keyboardist Ben Houtman. Hammon soon left the Gloria Record and was replaced by Jeremy Tappero for a pair of U.S. tours, with Brian Malone assuming full-time drumming duties in the fall of 1999. The Lull in Traffic EP appeared the following spring; three years later, the Gloria Record switched up for an indie rock growl and issued their first effort on the Arena Rock roster, Start Here. Recording sessions for a second full-length album were ultimately put on hiatus, however, as frontman Chris Simpson took an extended leave of absence and ultimately resurfaced with another group, the indie pop outfit Zookeeper.


1 Ozona & Sonora 1:53
2 Grace The Snow Is Here 4:30
3 Torch Yourself 8:00
4 Ode To New Grass 6:09
5 Grain Towers, Telephone Poles 6:10
6 Sonora & Ozona 4:56

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