17 May 2018

THE MAYFLIES USA self titled 1997

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The Pity List
The Mayflies USA (there is no Mayflies UK, that's just a joke) are one of the more pop-oriented bands to emerge from the buzzing, trendy Chapel Hill, North Carolina scene in the 1990s. After a debut EP in 1997, they released their first full-length in early 1999, which was produced by North Carolina alt-pop legend Chris Stamey. That's a logical connection, since Stamey and the Mayflies USA share a love of British pop, power pop in the Big Star mold, and the kind of jangly alternative pop-rock that the South has been known for since, well, Chris Stamey and the dB's. Their debut album is accomplished and guaranteed to appeal to power pop lovers, the main criticism being that it's not clear at this point whether the group, with several songwriters and vocalists, can transcend their obvious influences to form a more individual sound. Pity List followed in fall 2000.


1 The Apple 3:06
2 Reasons 4:40
3 Skywriting 2:33
4 After You 3:37
5 These Crayons Are Mine 2:38

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