27 May 2018


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The Ice in Me
With their dual bassist and ability to make their instruments sound anything similar to bass guitars, ENEMYMINE has been synonymous with adjectives such as minimal, dark and experimental. Stemming from the imaginations of Mike Kunka (Godheadsilo), Zak Sally (Low) and Danny Sasaki in late 1998, the three of them wanted to create something different to unsuspecting ears. So with Kunka on bass, Sasaki on the skins and Sally on second bass, (who's comminuting all the way from Duluth, MN no less) ENEMYMINE was created. Several practice sessions and hundreds of frequent flyer miles later, they had enough material to release a seven song self-titled CDEP that was recorded by Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening/Dub Narcotic Sound System fame) and put out by K Records in February 1999. Ice In Me followed a year later.


1 Apartmentalize
2 Trcr
3 The We're All Friends Club
4 I've Got The Ice In Me
5 Dent Everything
6 Evaporate
7 No Comply

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