08 May 2018

PET self titled 1996

by request

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Pet's eponymous debut album falls halfway between hard-edged commercial alternative rock and the introspective ramblings of Tori Amos, which isn't surprising since they are one of the first group's to sign to Amos' record label, Igloo, and the album was recorded at her home studio. The most notable thing about Pet is lead vocalist Lisa Papineau, who invests the songs with more grit and fury than they actually deserve. Usually the songs follow rather conventional melodic patterns, without ever offering any new spins or sense of craft to the formula. Still, Papineau's passion suggests that she could help make the band into something special somewhere down the road. 


1 360°
2 Lil' Boots
3 Otherwhere
4 Bed
5 Hero Life
6 Skin Tite
7 Meat≠E
8 Fatherland
9 Rogan
10 I've Been A Gaylord
11 Secret Motor
12 Seed
13 Calmate!

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