12 May 2018

THE RONDELLES Fiction Romance, Fast Machines 1998


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With success that can half be attributed to hustle, half to divine intervention, the Rondelles hit the ground running before they were even out of high school. While they were still self-booking shows in tiny clubs and playing in battle of the bands, the Rondelles landed several record deals and opening slots for indie giants like Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth. That touring helped bandmembers Yukiko Moynihan (bass, vocals), Juliet Swango (guitar, vocals), and Oakley Munsen (drums, keyboards, vocals) hone their sound, which features jangly punk-pop with hints of surf music -- managing to be at the same time both edgy and cute. Their first full-length CD, Fiction Romance Fast Machines, was released in 1998 by Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley's Smells Like Records; a 7" released by K Records, Revenge, and an appearance on a Rhino compilation, '90s Teen Bands Vs. '80s Teen Movies, the same year helped spread the word about this young band.


1 Distraction 2:40
2 Can't Stop 1:24
3 Mission: Irresistible 2:01
4 Magazine 1:24
5 Drag Strip Race 2:39
6 Fake Fight 1:49
7 Shanghai Surprise 2:05
8 Do It For Me 1:49
9 He's Outta Sight 2:25
10 Indication 1:13
11 Catastrophe 3:43

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