14 May 2018

PINEHURST KIDS Minnesota Hotel 1999


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Minnesota Hotel
Portland, OR-based emo-pop combo the Pinehurst Kids began in 1995 as a duo teaming singer/guitarist Joe Davis and drummer Robler Kind, who previously collaborated in the group Five Times Fast; named after Davis' hometown of Pinehurst, ID -- a locale notorious for the high levels of toxic lead contaminating its environment -- the lineup soon expanded to a three-piece with the addition of bassist Cal Gates (brother of Spinnanes frontwoman Rebecca), and in 1997 self-released their debut LP, Minnesota Hotel. Chicago indie 4-Alarm Records soon reissued the album, and after adding second guitarist Gene Pool, the Pinehurst Kids hit the road; after a year of extensive touring, Pool left the band and the remaining trio returned to the studio to record their sophomore effort, Viewmaster, which 4-Alarm proceeded to sit on for over a year before finally releasing the album in early 2000. In the interim, Kind left the group and was replaced by drummer Marnie Martin; the subsequent addition of second guitarist Devin Morrow restored the roster to a quartet. The indie rock stylings of Bleed It Dry appeared in spring 2001.


1 Switch 3:58
2 Johnny Mercer 4:13
3 Dumptruck 3:02
4 The Birds 3:40
5 Brick 2:15
6 Gatsby 2:54
7 New Rung 2:46
8 So Shiny 3:50
9 High Water 3:52
10 Nuzzle 2:45
11 Jodi Foster 2:57

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